I am a web developer, specilising in back end development

Based in King's Lynn, Norfolk. I currently work as a PHP Developer.

What do I know

Trial and tested Object Oriented Programmer. Primarly equipped with my tools which are PHP, HTML, CSS, native Javascript. Whilst not limited to just those I can use jQuery, Angular2, and frameworks such as Bootstrap 3/4, Foundation, Laravel, CakePHP. My database tool of choice is MySQL but also postgresql and SQLite. I've also got basic usage of Python and Django, with some basic C# understanding.

What else

Other languages I've used in the past are Visual Basic, Java and C. Services I have knowledge of using are; AWS (amazon web services) inc RDS (database), S3 storage, Cloudfront CDN and EC2 machine management. Also using Heroku services to deploy apps. Git practices are also a given.